Waterproof Travel Storage Bags for Packing Clothes (6pcs)

Waterproof Travel Storage Bags for Packing Clothes (6pcs)

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One of the toughest things to do while packing for a trip is fitting everything you want to bring with you into your luggage. Our packing cube system fixes that issue by neatly packing all your clothes tightly into our space saving bags. It allows you to easily store and organize your clothing that makes it easy to pack and even easier to unpack. Keep your clothes wrinkle-free during your travels, great for a stress free business trip, family holidays ,backpacking, etc.

- High quality waterproof coating fabric that is comfortable and durable.
- Not just for traveling, this packing cube set is a great home organization solution. Pack your stuff into the cubes and then store them away in drawers, under the bed, on shelves or in the closet.
- It's the simple, stylish way to reduce clutter.


- Color: Gray.
- Material: Oxford fabric.
- Size:
37x27x12cm(Large Mesh Bag);
30x22x12cm(Middle Mesh Bag);
20x15x12cm(Small Mesh Bag);
33x23cm(Large Sleeve);
27x19cm(Middle Sleeve);
17x13cm(Small Sleeve).